Facility for Use

”MoMo Sim” User guide

1. < Terms of use >

▷ When you use the simulation floor”MoMo Sim”, you have to make a reservation.

  • Reservation is requested by the previous day during the office hour (9:00a.m-17:00p.m of weekday.)
  • E-mail is available for reservation.
    *Your name, department, the date and time of use, the room for use, the equipment and the purpose of use must be confirmed for reservation.
  • When you use “MoMo Sim” in a non-business hour, please come to our office before the use day to receive the room key. You cannot enter the room without the key.
    *Please bear the responsibility of the key.
    *After the usage, return to the key at the main gatehouse.
    *Please be sure to submit the record after the usage.
  • At the reservation date, please come to Interdisciplinary Education and Research Building 4th floor, MoMo Sim reception.

2. < Attention >

▷ We accept no responsibility for any loss resulting from using MoMo Sim.
Please follow all the precautions below;

  • Don’t use the room, simulator, and the person that we are not accepted.
  • Be punctual at the reservation time.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in general. If you want, please contact us before the use day.
    *”Refreshment Lounge” is available for eating and drinking.
  • After the usage, return items you used to the original state.
    *Lights out and lock up the room after use.
  • Dispose of wastes properly; especially medical materials.
  • In the case of lost or damaged, please report immediately.
    *Whoever has done the damage is under obligation to pay for it.
  • Have a responsibility to keep the valuables safe.
  • If you lost the room key, you have to reimburse us the cost.
  • When you use MoMo Sim on holidays, you need to unlock the entrance of Interdisciplinary Education and Research Building.
    *Please ask General Administration Division about more information.

3. < Contact us >

Simulation Center”MoMo Sim”
2-5-1 Shikata-cho, Okayama University campus Shikata, Kita-ku, Okayama
To prevent junk mail, we have replaced the @ mark with (a) in the e-mail addresses above. For inquiries, please contact us by replacing (a) with the @ mark.