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~We provide several types of Simulation-Based education program and training in Health Care. ~

Medical schools have to create the education programs are using competency-based curricula with more rigorous performance measurements. The traditional training approach with actual patients is not an effective way to train because patient conditions vary and many important conditions occur infrequently. We need to create the curriculum based on competences. Also, we need to create education program and training for Medical stuff, for example IPE (Inter-Professional Education) Program.
Healthcare workers are subject to several risks in real settings. Simulation provides not only taking simple skill, but also effective solutions for the comprehensive training of multiple competencies, simultaneously and repetitively, and is rapidly becoming a vital component of medical education. It allows the gap to be bridged between classroom and "real-life" clinical experience, challenging the trainee to make critical decisions and then witness the results of those decisions in a controlled, observed and patient-safe environment with faculty and feedback.
Simulation is an important solution to the challenges of patient safety and reduced safety risks for actual patients.
We are creating original Simulation Education Program more than 20 within two years. Consequently, at our Simulation Center ”MoMo-Sim” and “MUSCAT-Sim”, user number is more 1400 people on an average month.

~We create and provide original Faculty Development (F.D.) Program. ~

Our one of mission is to provide the original Faculty Development Program for Medical Education faculty. The program design and delivery is also guided by relevant theoretical frameworks, including principles of adult learning, situated learning, feedback, and program design method. Faculty development activities are designed to assist faculty members in each clinical department, using a broad range of Education methods.

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~April 2015 to March 2016~

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~April 2015 to March 2016~

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